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The historic, beautiful and old world charm of the nearby medieval German cities of Dresden and Meissen are approximately a 1 hour drive from Krasna Lipa. You can experience medieval times in the picturesque streets, churches and museums of Meissen with its world famous Meissen porcelain Factory. Dresden is a city with famous art galleries where you will see some of your favorite masterpieces.
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We can accommodate your memorable luxury getaway and stay at the historic and enchanting Romantic Chateau Krasna Lipa. Please see our various photo gallery and reservations pages and contact us at for more exciting details.
The medieval and enchanting Castle Triestewitz is located in Arzberg Germany (between the cities
Leipzig and Torgau) and is also an exciting part of the Castle tours that are close to the area.

If you would prefer a customized small group tour with activities and luxury accommodation in other desired locations please visit for more information.