Romantic Chateau Ghosts?
These 2 photos were taken by a friend in 2007 and given to us in the winter time.
There were no lights or objects that could have reflected any light.
krasna_lipa_ghost_01.jpg krasna_lipa_ghost_02.jpg
Is there a Chateau ghost or could it be the bright light of an Angel?
Ghosts or Sons of light - Angels of God?
You be the judge.
Haunting are the many life size grave statues, monuments, tombs and interesting cemetery plots located in various areas throughout the town of Krasna Lipa.
krasna_lipa_ghost_10.jpg krasna_lipa_ghost_12.jpg krasna_lipa_ghost_11.jpg
krasna_lipa_ghost_17.jpg krasna_lipa_ghost_06.jpg krasna_lipa_ghost_18.jpg
krasna_lipa_ghost_16.jpg krasna_lipa_ghost_15.jpg krasna_lipa_ghost_13.jpg
krasna_lipa_ghost_14.jpg krasna_lipa_ghost_07.jpg krasna_lipa_ghost_03.jpg
krasna_lipa_ghost_04.jpg krasna_lipa_ghost_05.jpg krasna_lipa_ghost_08.jpg
Krasna Lipa local townspeople posing for a first time photo on Schönbuchler Strasse in the main town square of then Schönlinde with Romantic Chateau Krasna Lipa sitting high and majestically on a hill in the background overlooking the town. These local townspeople have all passed on and are no longer alive.

Is it possible that they could now be ghosts or heavenly angels that are watching over Romantic Chateau Krasna Lipa?