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The nearby sandstone mountain town of Hrensko has some of the best restaurants in the area and are part of a breath taking scenic backdrop. Hrensko is located on the beautiful Elbe River. From the chateau the town is only a 40 minute very scenic drive through the famous Narodni National Park.
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Visit Decin Palace and Gardens, eat in a medieval Castle Restaurant overlooking the spectacular Elbe River or see the local countryside from a high point of view at the top of the Hradec Castle in Varnsdorf.
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Why not stop in to see some historic antiques in one of the many local area town museums including the Puppenmuseum in Seifhennersdorf which has over 2000 antique dolls?
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Or you can enjoy a riverboat cruise that runs frequently along the Elbe River and you will experience the many picturesque and historic villages and towns that are located along the river. krasna_lipa_attractions_15.jpg
The historic, Baroque city of Prague with its towers and world famous shops, concert halls and restaurants is just a short 1 hour train ride or 2 hour drive by car from Czech Saxon Switzerland. Classical music and culture resonate through the city.
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