Activities In The Area
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There are numerous all season activities that will inspire you, relax you and clear your mind while appreciating nature in all itís magnificence and glory. You can enjoy horseback riding, 5 star fly fishing, hiking, skiing, swimming, mountain climbing, golfing and sightseeing.

Romantic Chateau Krasna Lipa (in North Bohemia) is close to the oldest and largest Saxon spa town of Bad Schandau which is only 3 km from Hrensko along the Elbe (Labe) River. Or you can visit the other well known spa town Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad) which is located in Central Bohemia.

The large exquisite room interiors, historic high ceilings, doors and trim of Romantic Chateau Krasna Lipa are designed to inspire a sense of time and place. The suites are beautifully furnished with antiques, hand carved furniture and Rococo oil paintings to add to your experience. All suites are equipped with internet connection and telephone service. New large flat screen televisions are also provided for your viewing pleasure. All suites have wonderful views of the dream like landscape that surrounds the chateau.
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